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doc Marten + Supreme


Speak to individuals that do not respond to traditional advertising, individuals with an outspoken and rebellious attitude.

Target: Young Adults that associate themselves with punk and skater countercultures.Insight: The expression of wearing such a limited piece by two attitude driven brands is powerful and unmistakable in the eye of fashion culture.

Objective: Get the target to feel empowered knowing they are not “selling out” by purchasing shoes that embrace their counterculture.

Strategy: Utilize Doc Martens’ iconic and revolutionary attitude, combined with Supremes’ entirely no holds barred/take no prisoners driven street ethos. Use key influencers and their images to speak to these individuals in the form of a traditional punk zine and street level popup store.

Big Idea: Counter-cultural ideals expressed through popular cult culture icons. Anti Big Idea!

ACC: Martin Schmitt   CW: Sarah Suresh   AD: Kylie Avalon Davies

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